In-Home Yoga Practice

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Morning Power Routine

Instead of waking up and opening Instagram first thing in the morning, add this morning power routine to put yourself in a peak state, in order to overcome whatever challenges that might come your way. Utilizing the power of Meditation, Breathing techniques to calm Central Nervous System, Priming exercise to tap into your lymphatic system, Visualization + Elevated Emotion to boost immunity.

1. First things first. Let’s get you in your peak mental, physical and spiritual state. Click here to watch TONY ROBBINS GUIDED PRIMING MEDITATION

2. Alkaline the body and optimize your body chemistry: Tap into your Central Nervous System & Lymphatic System by Oxygenizing your body Click here to watch WIM HOFF BREATHING TECHNIQUES

3. Dream Body Fitness 15 Minute Immune/Metabolism Booster full-body workout #ImmunityWarriorChallenge Further Down

4. Natural Immune Boosters/Nutrition to turn your body into an anti-viral, anti-bacterial machine: Turmeric, Water + Electrolytes, Fish oil (Omega 3 & Omega 6), Multivitamins (especially vitamin C + Vitamin D & E), Garlic, Ginger, Oregano, Elderberry, Spinach. Also, Consume more antioxidants to fight off free radicals. Berries, herbs, spices, coffee, tea, and dark chocolate are good sources.

5. Good sleep is one of the most crucial things for your Immune System and optimizing recovery. Your body needs sleep to fight infectious diseases, viruses, and bacteria.

Always start with 5-10 min Warmup

You can start with your cardio of choice, go for a run outside, do the stairs or cycling. Or you can use our favourite dynamic stretches/ animal flow to warm up your joints and all your primary muscle groups.


Day 1 – Full Body Circuit
(Immune booster/ metabolism booster)

The following circuit is to be performed for 3 sets, with each circuit being performed back to back with minimal/ no rest in between exercises (under 30 seconds for optimal results) After each circuit is complete, take a quick water/breathing break for 30 seconds, a pad on the back for your performance and get into the second round, followed by third round immediately after. Remember, it’s all about intensity and time under tension. Push your body a bit further each time with your mind power by doing “2 more” or “1 more” when the voice in your head says you can’t do anymore. You’re not competing against anyone. It’s you vs you and all about performing your BEST today! Now let’s Smash it & Enjoy! 😎👊🏼

Circuit 1 (x 3 sets)
1. Pushups x30 Reps
2. Squats x30 reps
3. Alternating Lunges x20 each side
4. Jumping Jacks x30 reps
5. Mountain Climbers x30 sec
6. Plank x1 Min


Day 2 – Upper Body / Core Routine (using a towel as gliders )

Time to get Creative… how to workout at home using a towel and your body weight.

Circuit 2 (x 3 sets)
1. Pushup Pikes x20
2. Pushup prone tucks x20 reps
3. Mountain Climbers x30 sec
4. Prone tucks (close) x30 sec
5. Prone tucks (wide) x30 sec
6. Triceps Dips x20 reps


Day 3 – Lower Body / Glutes / Hamstrings routine
(using a towel as gliders)

Circuit 3 (x 3 sets)
1. Reverse Lunges x20 each leg
2. Lateral Squats x20 each leg  
3. Pulsing Squats x30 reps
4. Hip Bridges x30 each leg 
5. Hamstring curls x20 reps each
6. Side to Side squat walk x1 Min