Kia Ahadi: Fitness Model/Master Trainer/Peak Performance Coach

Kia-Trainers-298x210Noted for his high-voltage energy, Kia Ahadi is driven with a burning desire to inspire, educate and transform people’s lives. He is a firm believer that a beautiful mind deserves a beautiful body and that mind, body and spirit must work together as one.

Fed up and determined due to a months-long kidney episode at 18, Kia made the decision his life was going to change. After transforming his own body he felt such a significant difference in his life that he made it his mission to give people the same gift of health, vitality, and fitness.

Today, he continues to lead and inspire with his consistent message: “Physical fitness and genuine wellness are a lifestyle; a way of life and not a quick fix.” He believes in realistic nutrition programs and innovative workout programs tailored to fit each client’s unique lifestyle. Kia has built his reputation on seeing the best in every individual and helping them maximize their potential, break through their limitations and boundaries, and realize and operate at their peak performance.

Kia’s ten years of experience in the fitness industry has included receiving a BSc with Honors in Kinesiology from York University and qualifying as a member of CPTN (Canadian Professional Trainers Network.) He holds a championship title in fitness modeling, and has taken part in numerous fitness shows and modeling events.


Kia specializes in weight control, fat loss, toning, building lean muscle, improving posture, as well as group fitness training, and Bootcamp.

He counts among his clients pro athletes, actors, musicians, doctors, lawyers, corporate professionals, models and stay-at-home moms. He is passionate and caring and treats each client as a unique individual. He looks forward to each day that he is able to inspire, educate, and transform, and takes pride in each client’s success.